Co-working space – joining the buzz

As you know I work remotely and that means mostly from home. As much as I love my new home office and am attending a lot of meetings (so interacting with other human beings) I do miss the little office buzz sometimes.

For that reason, I decided to look for a co-working space. I visited most hot desking and co-working spaces in Manchester. Some of them were a bit weird (and expensive for what they offer), others were absolutely amazing – great creative space, lovely selection of all kinds of desks (the traditional one, standing desks, comfy sofas, hanging eggs kind of seats), free coffee, tea, soft drinks and even snacks. However, that comes with its price. You don’t want to fork out a lot (first-month rent, and deposit – and sometimes sign six months contract).

But then, I saw a post on Instagram …

Everyone, meet the Daisy. It’s a new co-working space in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. Owned by Evelyn’s Cafe (based underneath it actually) it offers co-working space for creative minds of Manchester. You need to be a member (check out their Instagram page to find out how to become a member) to use this space (free coffee and tea too – and very very affordable price – which I think it’s absolutely amazing from these guys).

Creative individuals (freelancers) do need such support sometimes. The Daisy is inspired by the Pigalle District in Paris and opens its doors on the 1st of February.

The Daisy – Evelyn’s Cafe – THANK YOU.

Hana xx

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