New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions can be a bit of cliche, but I think that having a few is important. They can be just little ones, like reading or cooking more. But there can be big ones too like getting a new job or saving money of a new car/house deposit etc.

I decided to get a little mix of these.

The small ones are:

Get healthier (I don’t like the ‘lose weight’ resolution, but being healthy is important). So, eating more fruit and vegetable, walking more and run 5K and 10K this year – that does need a lot of training so it’ll make me run more!

Bake more – I love baking, but recently I didn’t have that much time. Or didn’t make the time (depends on how you look at it). So I’d like to bake more cakes – but due to the first resolution, they need to be healthy!

And here is the big one: Start my own agency. Well really, it’s starting a new agency with my former colleague. I have decided to go freelance and as on yesterday – I am self-employed yaaay. Exciting and scary. I have a handful of clients :). However, in April my colleague and I would like to register a company and run our own agency. So all fingers and toes crossed!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Hana xxx

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