Being productive over the Christmas break

There are three days left! Three days to work and then … Christmas break! However, I believe it’s quite important to stay productive. As much as morning lie-ins, breakfast in bed and watching festive telly all day sounds absolutely amazing and I will definitely do that one or two days next week, it can also be quite bad for our efficiency.

So to stay productive, I have planned a few ‘exercises’ during the Christmas break.

  • Go outside!

I know, but baby it’s cold outside. But a fresh air is very important – your brain will love it. Even if it’s wrapping up and going to sit on a balcony enjoying a cup of tea, make sure you go outside and feel the breeze.

  • Make a move

Especially if you decide to not walk around when getting a bit of fresh air. Moving around is really important for your body as well as a mind.

  • Meditate

Turn off your phone, and any other devices that can make any notification noise and close your eyes, listen to your breathing and enjoy that calm time. Do this at least for five minutes – you’ll feel great.

  • Organise your to-do list

I know we just finished work and would like to enjoy some time off. But making sure you don’t cause too much of a shock to your body and mind. But getting yourself a new 2018 diary and making sure you know about all your meetings, and other things to do will help you prepare for the busy month ahead.

Have you got any other tips for staying productive over Christmas?

Hana xx



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