Turning the heating on!

The first winter day is now waaay behind us. The days are shorter, nights are colder. In fact, the days are cold too!

As you know I am working from home, that means that if I decide to be warm and cozy, I’ll pay for it.

So at the moment, I am challenging my body to not to be so cold, I start my day wearing big fluffy jumper and winter socks. Then if I am lucky the sun starts shining through my window and I feel nice and warm. Other days, it’s freezing, there is no sun whatsoever – so I do put the heating on. And pray that is’t not on for too long as it’s electric and therefore expensive – happy days …

I can’t wait to see the bills after the winter ha! On the other hand, I am not commuting to work that much and paying for lunches every day – can’t really have it all can I!

I did a bit of research to see what are the best options when it comes to efficient heating:

  • The first tip is not to have your heating on too high and hope that this will heat up your room quicker. Have it on a ‘normal’ temperature, like 20C – and then turn it down one degree, apparently, you can save up to £60 a year – according to uSwitch.
  • As I mentioned above, I make sure I wear a big fluffy jumper to keep me warm – and so should you! It helps to keep you warm and your bills low.
  • When cooking and, for example, using the oven, make sure when you turn the oven off you open the oven door slightly – the leftover heat will go through your kitchen nicely – keeping you warm.


How are you getting on with the heating? Is it full on or are you trying to save on energy bills?

Hana x

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