Little gems found at Primark

So this weekend I went to see my friend. She lives in Liverpool so I decided to visit her and we did a bit of shopping. We also went to Primark as she needed few bits and bobs.

I wandered into the homeware section. There was so much to choose from! So many cute pillows, mugs, and other decorative items.

I found this lovely looking copper basket:

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 10.56.44.png
Image source:

I saw these baskets in Ikea and Wilko, but the one form Primark was the cheapest –  £3.
Of course, you can’t buy it online, but to be honest, visiting Primark once upon a time means you’ll find little gems you were after for a while.

My office is almost done! I mean I bought almost everything I needed, now it’s just about putting together my desk, organising all treasures I found when doing my homeware shopping, and hopefully buying all the other stuff from my wish list soon!

I might have to clean the whole guest room first – big Christmas cleaning will be happening!

Are there any cute home decor items you found? Let me know.

Hana xx




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