Cleaning Hero! I found a new amazing mould fighter

When it comes to cleaning products I am a bit of geek. I do like my home being clean and I clean parts of my apartment almost every day (plus a big clean every week).

On Sunday I came across a new cleaning product that I haven’t seen before. It had a huge advertising space in the shop itself and claimed to fight mould in the bathroom. I have a fairly new apartment (it was built just about two years ago) so my bathroom is nice and clean with no issues, however, sometimes I do find myself discovering some mould especially in places that were supposed to be sealed and the builders didn’t do a great job…

So I got this new product, came home, sprayed it on the problematic parts in the bathroom. I went to make myself a brew and came back in about ten minutes.

I could not believe what I saw – I saw nothing! There was nothing left, not only it completely demolished the mouldy bits, but I didn’t even need to wipe it off! It was all gone. I washed it, of course, but it completely ‘ate’ it!

So I thought I have to let you know about this.

It’s called HG. You can get it on Amazon¬†for ¬£5.30

It is a bit more expensive than cleaning products I buy usually – but it’s worth every penny!!!

Here is what it looks like.

It’s my new cleaning hero!

Hana xx

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