My sister is a first time home buyer

My sister and brother-in-law have been going through the process of buying their first home for the past two months. On Friday, they received the keys! That meant that I jumped on the train and went to see them ASAP! What I didn’t expect was that my sister had bought lots of paint and planned for me, her and her husband to spend some time painting – she doesn’t waste any time does she!

So we did, we got on it starting at 8pm and finishing at 11pm – we’ve done one room, the kitchen.

She chose some great colours to be honest, for kitchen and dining room she picked Dulux Almost Oyster.


It turned out looking really nice – I hope you can see it on this picture:


I think it’s visible when comparing it to the white door frame.

For living room she chose apricot and a light grey paint, the grey goes onto the fire place wall – as she has fire place in almost each room (living room, dining room, and two bedrooms, she decided to do the same in all of them. I like the idea as it keeps it consistent.


I took picture when we finished – it’s still wet, but I hope you can see the lovely looking outcome. (Excuse the little finishing touches missing – that was our next job).


You can see a little cheeky cactus there in the picture. I got that from B&Q (where we got the paint from). It’s for my little niece who is a very important resident at this new house :).


It was only £4 and I think it’s very cute a little octopus cactus – I hope she’ll like it and will look after it in her new bedroom.

I also wanted to get a little something for my sister, and this lovely (and beautifully smelling) candle was on offer! To be honest, I got two of them, one for me and one for her – it was also for £4.


I love the fact that after the candle burns you can use this to store sugar or coffee – it’s just a lovely looking jar.

I’ll keep you posted on how my sister and brother-in-law are doing in their new home. And hopefully, I’ll be next when it comes to buying a new house. My boyfriend and I are planning to do that next year – so exciting!

Hana xx

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