Shopping trip #2 – Wilko

My hunt continues … Yesterday I went to Wilko, full of ideas of what I will buy. When walking through Wilko I started picking up stuff like washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, not realising that I am not there to do my routine cleaning stuff shop but actually pick something nice for my new home office.

But anyway, as I carried on walking through the aisles I ended up in the stationary section. So many little cute gems. So I started picking up a few. When my basket was almost full I noticed that I am putting in stuff that I will probably never use. I won’t need a little heart shaped plate that says ‘little things’ what will I put there?

So I started slowly taking those unnecessary items out, those that would only collect dust. No butterfly pins needed (with no cork board), don’t need several notebooks that say ‘hello beautiful’!

However, I wanted to get something, something pretty and something I’ll use. So I got this:

Wooden Pegs in Glass Jar – why? Because I’ll put them on my fairly lights and they’ll hold my notes ;). It was only ¬£1.50 for 20 pieces.

Image source: Wilko

And that’s it – except I did buy the washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets!

Hana xx


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