Five things you’re saving on when working from home

There are many advantages of working from home – as well as there are disadvantages of course! But looking at the bright side, I’ve listed five things that I’ll be saving on when working from home.

  • Here is the obvious one: Commuting to work.

Although I am walking to work now, I do sometimes take the tram to Manchester city centre as, especially on a rainy day, there are occasions when you just want to sit down, relax, and get to work quickly (my usual commute when walking takes just over 20 minutes). However, when working from home, unless I’ll be needed in the agency office, which is better to walk to anyway, I’ll be saving even those few pounds a week – and you know that every penny counts!

  • Lunches

This is a big one for me. As much as I try to pre-cook my lunches there are days – quite a few of them, when it just doesn’t work and I’ll end up going to shop getting lunch. Even if you spend £3 a day – times five it is £15 a week, or £60 a month!


  • And of course snacks!
  • Cheaper beauty appointments

I use many voucher and discount sites to find some great beauty treatments for a good price. What I noticed is that some salons, hairdressers and others are much cheaper when you choose a time slot such as 11am … so if I plan my workload very well, I can go to these and save ££.


  • A lot of people say that you also save on cloths. You of course don’t need to buy many smart cloths to ensure you are nicely dressed for work. I do think that I won’t be saving that much here as I’d like to still dress nicely even if I don’t need to be in an office environment.

However, I will be saving on dry cleaning!

I am sure that after few months I’ll be writing a post about the costs of working from home – mainly energy bills!


Hana xx


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