Picking the right desk

After accepting my new job, the first task I got wast to pick a desk that I would like to work at – at my home office.

Within a minute I was browsing Made.com – I absolutely love their furniture, and office desks they offer are just superb. However, my budget was £150 … meaning I had to leave this site and move onto more budget friendly ones.

So, next – Ikea. Ikea furniture is very wallet friendly, and trust me a good percentage of the furniture in my apartment is from Ikea – however, their working desks were a bit … simple. There is nothing wrong with simplicity, but as I will be sat at that desk very often, I wanted something creative, something fun.

So I searched Pinterest, looking for inspiration. And there it was … a desk that not only was nice looking, a slight copycat of the exact table that I liked at Made.com, but mainly the price was very attractive.

Here it is everyone:

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 19.29.21.png

I got it from Groupon that offers this desk for £84.98!

Let me know your thoughts!

Hana xx

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